A new concept in eye wear design is now available here at ideal eyewear. PAULO PILIPE has created a frame range that combines styling with ultimate comfort and for men only!. They call it “Anti-Gravity Eyewear”. Sleek and subtle in style, the unique temple system makes them comfortable to wear and extremely easy on your nose, reducing weight felt there by 30%. How do they do it? Well it is all in the design.


The patented TGS  or Temple Gripping System, uses leverage mechanism to create a  relief bridge pressure bridge lifting effect or BLE. This and this relieves pressure on your nose, which in turn reduces slipping and gives you comfort. When fitted with light weight lenses , you will have a superbly comfortable and good looking pair of glasses.


What are the advantages of Paulo Pilipe eye  wear?
• Anti-Slipping
• Nose Bridge pressure reduced by 30%
• Superb quality and design
• One of a kind product
• TGS (Temple Gripper System)
• BLE (Bridge Lifting Effect)
• Patented system

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Call Geri on 01525 715759 to find out more or call in to see the full range.

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