We are working with Itec Optical & Hoya to deliver to you, a brilliant & new  2 for 1 offer on in store and you won’t want to miss it!

Purchase a complete pair of spectacles glazed with any of the superb Hoya ID varifocal lenses and get a  FREE complete pair of glasses fitted with either Hoya  Workstyle* occupational lenses or varifocal lenses. Not a varifocal wearer, then you can purchase the equally superb Hoya iD single vision lens and grab a free pair of Hoya single vision lenses .

Want the second pair as sunnies? Your free pair can be supplied with either tinted or polarised lenses and be combined with a mirror finish all free of charge. 

For more information about this Summer offer read on or call Geri on 01525 715759.

* Occupational lenses are designed specifically for desk and digital device use



We help you choose your main pair of spectacles to ensure they are tailored to suit your lifestyle needs and for your second pair, we will discuss what is available to you – and we promise you there is lots – and dispense the lenses that will be the best option for you!

After all we don’t wear the same pair of shoes our activities so why should specs be any different!?

One pair is simply never enough.

Examples of second pair options

It could be you need a backup pair of specs ‘just in case’ or simply want a different look.

You may drive a lot and would benefit from a second pair of polarised sunglasses to cut glare and these are available in varifocals or single vision lenses

You might even prefer your free second pair to be single vision reading glasses for concentrated closed work or a spare pair of distance specs for watching telly in. Both of those options come with a free anti-reflection coating.

New to the offer is the Hoya Workstyle V+ occupational lenses. These are useful for those who do longer periods of alternated computer/ close work, as in an office environment. They are designed to have a wider intermediate and reading area than varifocal lens and this can give better visual comfort over longer periods of time.

These are all fantastic ‘241’ combinations available with this offer and still there is more! Here at ideal eyewear we can also offer a specialist varifocal for those wanting wrapped sports frames as their second pair (sports frames not available free on the offer). You can also have mirror tinted lenses, standard coated lenses or ‘spectrum sphere’ lenses with various shades of brown, grey, blue, green and pink tints on second pairs which means there is quite literally, something for everyone!


If you’re wondering about frames for your second pair we have a FREE selection of frames to choose from. Alternatively, you could choose to use your own frame –providing it is in good enough condition to reglaze – or you can choose a frame from our wide selection in store and receive £20 off the marked price (T&C’s apply)

So why not come in and see us so we can help you find the perfect pairs of specs to meet all your lifestyle needs.

Please note:  All FREE second pair lenses are supplied as standard plastic. Upgrades to thinner and lighter lenses are available from £50 if required With some more complex prescriptions there may be restrictions on lens combinations and potentially your availability to qualify for this offer based on the prescription and the lens availability from Hoya.

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