A common misconception


People are never too old or too young to wear contact lenses. Where glasses are worn all day, every day, we can fit contact lenses.

It is a common misconception that children cannot wear contact lenses until they reach their late teens but with the advances of modern materials, this is no longer the case. Contact lenses can make a great alternative to spectacles for children for a number of reasons. Perhaps your child hates wearing their spectacles because their friends tease them or that they become less comfortable towards the end of the day.

If your child is into sports, their spectacles may be a potential hazard and many sports do not allow spectacles to be worn. Children with short sight often cannot see clearly beyond a couple of metres without their glasses and this can not only impair their performance but also raise issues of safety. Contact lenses can help to improve your child’s hand to eye co-ordination and improve their game and their general development.

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Social interaction improves with contact lenses


As children grow older, they become more self-conscious and often like their appearance better without glasses and so their social interaction with contact lenses on their eyes improves dramatically.

Contact lenses are safe and comfortable for most children to wear and in order to reinforce our care, we ask for more frequent visits in the early months to ensure compliance. Our committed and expert optometrists can recommend the most suitable lenses for your child and will talk your child through how to insert and remove their lenses and look after them, so that you know their eyes will be safe and will have no worries that they will leave the tasks to you!

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