Putting the fun back into eye tests


About 80 per cent of a child’s learning is done visually, and yet it’s thought one in five schoolchildren has an undetected eye problem. Bringing your family for an eye examination means you can be sure your children aren’t struggling with an undiagnosed sight problem which could affect their development.

It’s recommended all children have a sight test by the age of 4, but it’s never too early to get them checked, particularly if you notice anything suggesting they may be struggling with their sight. Warning signs include children squinting at things, rubbing their eyes a lot and complaining of headaches.

People often think children need to be able to read before they can have their eyes tested, but this is not the case. We can even test the eyes of children who are too young to be talking, by assessing the strength of their eyes and eye muscles. They’ll be completely unaware of what’s going on while we help you keep them entertained.

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A relaxed and friendly atmosphere


Many children find a visit to the opticians is fun. We use symbols, colours and matching games instead of a letters chart, and children are often intrigued by our screens and machinery. Our relaxed and friendly atmosphere means they have time to adjust to their surroundings instead of being intimidated by them. That all helps make our appointments less stressful for mums and dads as well!

There is no charge for children’s sight tests, since the NHS pays a contribution towards the cost for every child aged 16 and under, or under 19 and still in full time education. Usually it will show that your child’s eyes are healthy and normal and your optician will send you regular annual or bi annual reminders for future eye examinations.

NHS frames are no longer available but if your child needs glasses you will be issued with a voucher that will either cover the cost of or can be used towards the cost of specs. Here at ideal eyewear we have a great selection of frames that will cost you nothing when you use the NHS voucher.

Worried about loss or damage of your child’s glasses. For children under 16 NHS repair vouchers are available and will either cover or help towards the cost of repair or replacement of your child’s current spectacles.

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