Emergency Glasses during Lockdown

Need an emergency pair of glasses?

Broken your glasses? Need an emergency pair as a backup?

Take a look at our range at discounted prices that you can purchase from your own home.

Simply browse the collection, choose your frames and give Geri a call on 01525 715759 and she will talk you through the next steps.

If you have ordered glasses from ideal eyewear in the last three years, we will have all your prescription details, if not you will need to simply email your written prescription to us at info@idealeyewearflitwick.co.uk

Also, so that you don’t have to leave the safety of your home, we will arrange for your glasses to be delivered for FREE directly to your door.

We want you to see well, and we are also committed to helping you look and feel your best. We appreciate that you might not find your perfect style and fit remotely, so the next time you purchase a pair of frames and lenses from us in practice, we will refund the cost of your emergency pair in full.

*Price includes basic single vision lenses . Upgrades are available at your request.

The “Complete” Range from Dunelm

and yes , Complete is the name of this small collection.

Frames and standard single vision lenses for just *£35.00

Click on the frame name to see a larger image.

Complete 2 Model 12 – Ladies                                                             Sizes 50 x 16 or 52 x 16Complete 2 Model 11- Gents                                                                 Sizes 49 x 18 or  51 x 18Complete 2 Model 10 – Gents                                                                  Sizes 53 x 17 or 55 x 17

Complete 2 Model 9 – Ladies                                                                      Size 52 x 17

Complete 2 Model 8 – Gents                                                                       Sizes 53 x 16 or 55 x 17

Complete 2 Model 7 – Ladies                                                                        Sizes 52 x 17 or 54 x 19

Retro with Magnetic Polarised Clips

For those that need sun protection as well

Frames, polarised clip and standard single vision lenses for just *£65.00

Retro 379 – unisex                                                                                                Size 50 x 19

Retro 403 – Gents                                                                                                     Size 53 x 18

Retro 404 – Ladies                                                                                                      Size 51 x 18

OMG – the teen selection.

Frames and standard single vision lenses for just *£40.00

  OMG 6026                                                                                                                    Size 50 x 16 OMG 6045                                                                                                                         Size 51 x 19OMG 6067                                                                                                                            Size 50 x 18



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