Dyslexia is a term used to describe various specific learning difficulties that affect the ability to learn to read and spell correctly. Visual Stress is NOT Dyslexia but can be particularly prevalent in Dyslexic individuals. If visual stress is identified and colour is used to alleviative come of the symptoms then other learning difficulties such as Dyslexia are easier to cope with.

Many people with dyslexia may also suffer with visual stress and can therefore be helped by colour. Equally there are a large percentage of children and indeed adults who are not identified as being dyslexic but still suffer with these symptoms. The appropriate coloured overlay can also help this group of individuals.

It is therefore important that overlays should not be reserved only for those pupils who have been “statemented” or identified as being in need of specific help. They should be available to any child who does not naturally like to look at books.

At ideal eyewear, if required, we test for the appropriate colour overlay and then assess the benefit of using it when reading using the Wilkins Rate of Reading Test.

The coloured overlay test is an additional test and not covered by the NHS.

The cost for this test is £20 and it usually takes about half an hour.

The overlays cost £15 each or £20 for 2 of the same colour. We generally order as required and they take 2 – 3 days to arrive.

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