We regularly take our children to the dentists for check-ups , so why not the opticians?

It has been reported that 1 in 4 children have a vision-related condition, with eye problems being very common. If left untreated these can have serious impacts on your child’s learning and development. Especially as the ages of 5 and upwards are critical in your child learning stages it is important that they have regular eye exams. Eye examinations are comprehensive and last 20-30 minutes, meaning that they are thorough as the optom will cover everything that is relevantly needed.

Potential signs that may mean your child might have a problem with their sight:

  • Sitting too close to the TV, this could be that they move themselves closer or adjust themselves in this way because they find it more comfortable to do so.
  • Spend excessive amount of time on their tablet hours on end with mobile phones and other devices.
  • Hold object very close to their face can also be when reading books, that they bring in the book they are reading or hold up close.
  • Blink a lot
  • Rub their eyes a lot
  • If child tilts head whilst looking at photographs, screens and tilts head/squints/straining of the eyes.
  • Family history of eye related conditions can also impact children too
  • Watery eyes/dry eyes

It is recommended that children have vision screening when they start school. However, this doesn’t happen in all areas. If this does not happen where you live, take your child to an optometrist at your local optician for an eye examination.

The first 12 years of a child’s learning is 80% all visual hence this requires them to rely on their sight. Having an eye test can help them ensure that their overall eye health it good as well as their eye sight. So if your child has never had a sight test or is overdue, give us a call on 01525 715759 to book an appointment today.