Glasses and accidents…, we’ve all been there! and over the Christmas break it tends to be all the more likely to happen!!

Maybe you turned your back for one minute and the dog got to them, or you searched the house high and low for your missing pair of glasses, only to hear an unexpected crunch under foot. Don’t toss out your damaged glasses! Bring them to in and I’ll fix them or if it cannot be done here then I know a man who can……

Here at Ideal Eyewear Flitwick, we not only fit you with the perfect pair of new glasses, but we can often restore your all-time favourite glasses when accidents happen. We can reshape, solder, replace old or broken nosepads, replace those teeny tiny screws, order new temples, even repair cracked plastic frames in some cases! So often patients put down their glasses and forgetting where they are, sit on them or fall asleep wearing them and oops ! Check out the pictures below. As you can see it is possible to readjust badly bent glasses by using a few special tools to carefully bend the metal back into the proper position so they are nearly as good as new.
So stay in style with your new glasses and get your damaged specs repaired. If you’re in a bind and need help, I’m here for you and I do so love a challenge!

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