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Whether you want low cost yet fashionable and durable spectacles, a more traditional look or designer brands we will have the perfect style to suit your face and your budget. Whatever your preference, we have a huge selection of frames to choose from.

Please check out our Gallery tab to see some of the frames we stock. Or even better, pop by the shop to try on some frames, we even have tea and biscuits!

Morel Lightec

Morel Lightec focuses on technology and comfort, using stainless steel, acetate and plastic materials to offer flexibility and durability. They feature a patented hinge system which is screwless and springless,  allowing for easy adjustment and maintenance. These incredibly lightweight frames come in a variety of different colours and styles, ranging from classic to trendy.  

Charles Stone New York

Charles Stone New York is inspired by the fast-paced culture of New York City. Their frames are crafted with a mixture of thin metals and colourful translucent acetates. They are packed with punchy colours, boasting a 1970s/1980s colour palette, as well as fine styling. These frames are perfect for those looking for an artistic edge to their frames.

Cameo Eyewear

Cameo Eyewear offer over 70 unique designs, each available in a selection of different sizes and fashionable colours. With a range of classic frames and trendy styles, in metal and plastic, these affordable but quality frames could be what you’re looking for.

Wolf Eyewear

Wolf Eyewear is a British designer brand that offers a variety of frames for all ages. They are handcrafted in the UK using high-quality materials and techniques. Wolf eyewear focus on comfort and are designed to suit different face shapes and preferences. They also have a line of eco-friendly frames made using sustainable materials.

Johann von Goisern

Johann von Goisern is an Austrian brand that specialises in colourful handmade acetate frames. This vibrant and unique eyewear may be perfect for you if you’re looking to stand out and make a statement. There are countless colour and pattern options, whether you want to show them off as your day to day frames or as your trendy sunglasses.

Stepper Eyewear

This German brand has been creating frames since 1970. They specialise in comfortable, lightweight and durable frames which focus on comfort and flexibility. They are made from high quality materials, such as Titanium, TX5, and biobased plastic. These frames are hypoallergenic, lightweight and comfortable and are perfect for someone looking for practicality and durability over trendy designs.

Booth & Bruce Eyewear

Another British designer eyewear brand is Booth & Bruce. This brand offers funky, fashionable frames to the more forward thinking eyewear connoisseur. This globally recognised brand offers a collaboration of urban chic, and daring design, mixed with extravagant colour schemes designed to catch peoples attention. Booth and Bruce also offer a sunglasses range if you only feel like pushing boundries when the suns out. 

MAC & Pure Eyewear

MAC & Pure Eyewear are a UK-based company who offer their iGreen collection which boasts eco-friendly and customisable eyewear frames. iGreen bespoke frames are made from eco-conscious acetates, manufactured from cotton, using 50% less water and 50% less electricity than conventional processes. You can choose from over 90 shapes, 500 colours and whether you’re wanting a matte or shiny finish. Aside from the many aesthetic options you can choose from, there are different size adaptions. You can choose from 3 front sizes, 2 or 3 sizes of bridges and 4 side lengths. You can also add nose pads and laser cut name engraving to your frames. Each frame weighs only 5g and comes with the remainder of its acetate sheet, so you can be sure that your frame is unique and made just for you.

Taylor Morris Eyewear

Taylor Morris Eyewear is a British designer eyewear brand founded by lifelong friends Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris in 2013. As well as their classic eyewear collection, they offer stylish sunglasses for men and women, inspired by silver-screen icons from days gone by. These prestige frames are also sold in Harvey Nicholls London. 

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Inspired by the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and their culture, Maui Jim offer a premium range of durable and lightweight sunglasses. Their sunglasses feature quality polarized optics which allow you to see the world in truly vibrant, glare-free colour. Maui Jim offer lenses that enhance contrast and colour, reduce eye fatigue, and block 100% of harmful UV rays.

Zeal Sunglasses

Zeal Optics aim to create sustainable and eco-friendly products that protect the environment and your eyes. Their sunglasses are made from plant-based materials, such as castor beans, grass fibres, and cotton. Zeal sunglasses feature polarized lenses which block out harmful properties such as UV rays and HEV light. These sunglasses are designed for outdoor enthusiasts who like to partake in activities such as hiking, biking, fishing and golfing. Zeal also have options for those who enjoy winter sports such as skiing.



You may already have a frame that you love and want to reuse. No problem, we will reglaze it for you, provided the condition is adequate. Not only that, we will clean it ultrasonically and refit it to ensure it is still comfortable.

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