Budget & Kids Frames

Budget Frames


Here at Ideal Eyewear we have a large collection of budget frames. Our budget frames range from £40 to £70 including single vision lenses.

Please check out our Gallery tab to see some of the frames we stock. Or even better, pop by the shop to try on some frames, we even have tea and biscuits!

Planet Eyewear

Planet eyewear offer a variety of styles for Men, Women and Teens. They offer modern looking spectacles that focus on durability and style. Our most popular models are Planet 52, Planet 56, Planet 60, and Planet 67.

Visage Eyewear

Visage Eyewear boast modern and funky frames on a budget. It is a collection of affordable, fashion-conscious frames comprised of a carefully researched selection of colours and sizes. These budget frames offer great quality and style. 

Continental Eyewear

Continental Eyewear’s Lazer collection is one of the most comprehensive eyewear collections available in today’s market. The Lazer collection offers an extensive range of adults and childrens eyewear, from stylish and contemporary designs to timeless and refined. Put simply, Lazer provides quality frames at affordable prices.


Kids Frames

Tomato Eyewear

Tomato Eyewear specialises primarily in children’s glasses. They design their frames with comfort in mind. They are highly adjustable with unique nose pads. These colourful and durable frames are available frim new born sizes through to teens and adults.

Centrostyle Eyewear

Centrostyle has a brand called Active Frames which is designed to ensure visual comfort to children from birth up to adolescence. Active Frames comprises 6 collections designed for the specific needs of children of different age ranges, by taking into consideration the shape of their nasal bridge and the distance between their pupils. The collections are Active Baby Soft, Active One, Active Spring, Active Colours, Active Memory and Active Sport. 

Erin’s World Frames

Erin’s world frames aim to improve the sight and quality of life for individuals by providing a custom frame, fit for their unique needs. These frames have shortened temples, extra wide frame fronts and a lowered bridge and are a perfect solution for those with low nose bridges.

Wolf Eyewear

Wolf Eyewear, as well as being prominent in the adult frames market, also have a range for kids called Wolf Cubs. In their Wolf Cub collection they do not sacrifice comfort for style, maintaining the same ergonomic and comfortable designs for kids, while keeping the designs fun and on-trend. The Wolf Cub range is updated with new model releases at least three times a year to keep up with everchanging trends. 


You may already have a frame that you love and want to reuse. No problem, we will reglaze it for you, provided the condition is adequate. Not only that, we will clean it ultrasonically and refit it to ensure it is still comfortable.

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