Myopia Control

What is Myopia and why is it important?

Myopia, also known as Nearsightedness is a medical condition whereby people can see objects close to the clearly, but objects farther away appear blurred. The goal of treatment is to keep it from getting worse and in the long run protect your child’s eye health.

Here at Ideal Eyewear we offer choices to suit most peoples pockets.


The MyoSmooth from Optik Mizen is a more recent introduction to the market and is referred to as ‘polo-design’ by virtue of its similar approach to creating myopic defocus. The central clear zone in the MyoSmooth is slightly larger at 10.5mm diameter and the surrounding ring contains hexagonal segments of defocus as these have been found geometrically optimal to achieving reduction in peripheral eye strain.


Using DIMS technology (originating from Hong Kong University) the MyoSmart features a central zone of approx 9mm in diameter where the power of the lens corrects the patient’s distance vision. Surrounding this a ring of around 30mm in diameter comprises many small spherical segments that act as a “defocus zone”. By effectively creating these two planes of vision the MyoSmart provides clear vision to the patient whilst decreasing the likelihood of worsening myopia by two thirds.


The MyoSlow from Optimize is another very effective option for myopic patients seeking to avoid any marked deterioration of their condition. Optimize are a relative newcomer to the UK but have enjoyed a strong presence in the European market for many years.

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