Whilst it may appear that all lenses are the same, Nikon offers you the highest optical quality, combined with lens coatings that optimise your vision.  Their ultra-low profile design improves the appearance of your glasses and allows for lighter, thinner and flatter lenses than ever before.Our new premium lens range from Nikon will give you a wide choice of lens options  that will deliver superior optical performance, better aesthetics and comfort; all within a single lens.


Varifocals provide you with clear vision at all distances without having to remove your spectacles. Nikon varifocals have evolved to provide you with brilliant vision without compromise, wherever you look.  By using sophisticated freeform technology the lenses can be tailored to your individual needs.

Lens Coatings

All of Nikons anti-reflection coatings  coatings offer anti-scratch, water, dust and reflection properties, as well as making the lenses easier to clean. From the basic Ikon HCC to the SeeCoat Bright., there will be a coating to match your visual needs.


The health of your eyes needs to be maintained throughout your life.  UV light from the sun is particularly damaging but can be prevented by using the right lenses for your lifestyle.  Transitions® lenses are fast acting photochromic lenses which give you automatic protection from glare and block UV.  They continuously adapt to changing light – indoors they are perfectly clear, but outside they rapidly darken and can become as dark as sunglasses in just 30 seconds.  Add SeeCoat Blue and you will have a lens that will reduce glare and improve contrast.


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