Did you know that one in five school aged children is suffering from an undiagnosed eye condition?

There are many signs that a child is having problems with their vision… most children won’t complain about their vision as they assume that what they see is normal.

Signs to look for include:
– Frequent eye rubbing;
– Poor co-ordination;
– Avoidance of detailed close work, like colouring in or puzzles;
– Holding books very close;
– Poor handwriting.

Just like we take our kids to the dentist for regular check -ups, we should also take our children for regular sight tests….. A sight test for children, after all, is FREE.

Lots of parents are under the impression their children can’t have their eyes tested until they can read, this is a myth! Optometrists are able to examine the eyes of even the youngest children by performing a number of specially developed tests.

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