When I was a trainee, way too many years ago, most patients who needed glasses went for frames available free through the NHS.

The good old plastic 524 available in 6 colours and not a penny to pay!! If you wanted you could upgrade by paying a little money towards the cost of your glasses and if customers did they often went for the 422 a panto style frame made popular by John Lennon and now an iconic style….

The 422 was rolled gold and actually high quality . It came as plain gold or you could have coloured rims if you wanted, in black, brown mottled or blonde. Add to that you could have a funky blue or pink tint and leave the opticians with a super cool looking pair of glasses……

In the 70’s oversized sunglasses were the popular choice and the classic aviator shape never more so. If you decided to choose a private frame instead of the free 524, the style of choice was chunky plastic frames – as worn by elvis costelloe and ladies could choose from the upswept cateyes or the more modern heavy plastic frames with fancy metal sides.

The 80’s was a decade when eyewear became big, bold and bright!! Everyone remembers the Deidre Barlow look. To say that eyewear made a statement was putting it mildly. Anglo Amerrican were making large eyewear in a myriad of colours – remember the Clark Kent look sported by Christopher Reeve.

Michael Selcott Designs produced the Chelsea Set plastic frame in plain black to bright red and the avaiator metal frame took on a whole new look when a company called Birch Stigmat bought out the Carnaby Set in colours from sky blue and baby pink to navy and red.

In the 90’s eyewear started to become a little smaller, though not much and popular shapes were round and oval frames and by the way is it only me who cannot beleive that stuff fronm the 90’s is vintage!!

So many frame designs today are vintage inspired. Frames by Kirk Originals, Oliver Peoples and Black eye wear appear to base their designs on iconic styles of the past.

New trends for the coming season are looking back at previous styles and putting a contemporary spin on their new designs too.

With that in mind we have a truly vintage range of frames now in stock. From the 80’s and 90’s and never ever worn.

They are frames from an era where they were made in England. From round metal for the John Lennon look to the frames that are similar in style to those favoured by Johnny Depp and lovers of steam punk and not forgetting the evergreen Aviator made popular by Rayban.

Call in and take a look

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