Sunglasses aren’t just a summer staple. In fact, optometrists recommend that you wear shades all year round for optimal eye health. But not all lenses are created equal. Polarised lenses offer a host of advantages that should be considered when purchasing sunnies.


When sunlight is reflected off of water, snow, windshields, passing cars, and other bright surfaces, it causes visual noise or simply put glare. This is because light travels in all directions and standard sunglasses filter light equally, but polarized lenses filter the light selectively and absorb light waves from various angles which diminishes the interfering glare yet still offers protection from harmful UV rays.

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For example, you’re enjoying a sunny afternoon on a fishing excursion. When you look down at the water wearing normal sunglasses, you will see reflections of the sky, trees, and other surroundings making it extremely difficult to actually see into the water. If you’re wearing polarized lenses, these reflections are blocked, so instead of staring at your own face mirrored in the waters surface, you can view what is under the water.



  • Safety

Polarised lenses reduce glare so you don’t have to worry about being blinded on the road when the sun is low in the sky or the sun shines just after it has been raining, making driving much safer.

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As polarised lenses have full UV ray protection, your eyes are safe from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet light, light that over exposure to during your lifetime, can contribute towards you developing cataracts and AMD, cause corneal sunburn and ravage the thin, fragile skin of the eye area.

  • Improved Vision

If you wear polarised lenses glare is filtered out so you will not be distracted by reflections.  Colours are purer, details are precise, contrast is improved.

  • Comfort

Anyone who has squinted their way through a drive trying to make out objects that are masked by glare knows that the eyes get tired, irritated, red, and strained. Polarised lenses make it possible to enjoy the sun without having to compromise your visual comfort.


Those who engage in outdoor sports, drive frequently, or just want to reduce glare, will find polarised lenses better suited to their sun protection needs but there are a few situations when this lens may not be suitable.

Polarised sunglasses make it difficult to see images on an LCD screen so those who rely on these screens, such as operators of certain heavy equipment and pilots, should not wear them.  Polarised sunglasses should also never be worn when driving at night.

Polarised lenses are available in non-prescription form as off the peg sunglasses, over specs that can be fitted over your own glasses and the ever-so simple clip-over.

Polarised lenses can also be made to your prescription in single vision, bifocal or varifocals and are available in colours, grey, brown or green, can be supplied as a graduated tinted lens and there is even a photochromic polarised lens available called Drivewear.


If you are interested in polarised lenses or feel more comfortable with regular sunglasses, ideal eyewear in Flitwick can give you more information about the features and benefits of polarised lenses and demonstrate how they work. Call in today for a free eyewear consultation or call Geri on 01525 715759 for a chat.

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