Which glasses are in fashion for 2017?

Whether you’ve made a resolution to change your image this year or it’s simply time for some new frames, we take a look at which styles of frame are likely to be in in 2017.

Tortoiseshell & Horn Rims

There has been a rise in the ‘retro’ look recently, with bold horn rimmed spectacles AKA as combinations, making a real comeback. If you ever fancied going for that good old writer look, then there has never been a better time to give it a go. With so many manufacturers coming up with their spin on this style, there are plenty to choose from.

Our fav is a unisex frame  from Kliik eyewear, model 557. A lightweight spin on this style.


Tortoise shell used to be every shade of mottled brown to amber and has always been around but now with a difference! Colour has been introduced!  It may be that the frame front is the traditional mottled brown with eye popping colours on the sides or a coloured front with mottled sides. There are even green, mauve and blue mottled frames.

The Vanina from Boz eyewear shows how tortoise shell is combined with colour to give a different look from a more traditional frame.


Aviators have always been around but in more recent years only popular for sunglass wear. But now they  are enjoying a revival.

This time round they are all the rage not just for men, but also for women. The introduction of a host of new colours and variations on this timeless frame style has opened up new avenues for the fashion conscious, whatever the budget.

Oversize Frames

As always, celebrities have a big influence on trends in eyewear, and without a doubt the red carpet this season is all about oversize frames, an extension perhaps of the cat-eye frames which have now become a firm favourite for the style conscious.

Black Frames

It is perhaps because of the typical attire of the season that chunky, black frames are all the rage. After all, there are few outfits which black doesn’t go with, especially when faced with the need to key in with overcoats, winter shoes and the like. The truth is, black is a universal colour that will never lose its appeal and we stock many styles that come in black, but the heavier styles that are currently trending are very much suited to winter.  Having said that this large oversize black framelooks great as Sunwear

Cocoa Mint 2029


Round Glasses

Yes  we have mentioned it already but retro is in but most popular of the retro styles is the round look. So on trend and so different.  If you are looking for a total transformation this new year, then a pair of round or roundish frames should certainly hit the mark and give you something of a distinguished, creative look. There are so many to choose from but let me introduce you to a few new arrivals here at ideal eyewear that you may like.


Zips 4037 ……..

Basebox 6029……..

Crosshatch 521 ……..

Crosshatch 517………

And if you want to be little more out there we have some truly different round eyes guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd!!

Not sure which frames are right for you? Here at ideal eyewear, we offer a great range of contemporary and classic frames. If you can’t find what you are looking for we will endeavour to help you find it. You are welcome to come and browse anytime and have a coffee on us. We also can let you take up to six frames home to show friends and family.  To book an appointment now, call us on 01525 715759 or  use our contact form and we’ll be happy to help.


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